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On the recent Topics Page

You can select topics using combo boxes provided at the right end of each topic entry and once you scroll down to the bottom, you will have choose action and choose destination buttons. This will allow you to move topics across sections. So if someone posts a topic in the wrong section, you can transfer the topic from here or the Moderate Topic option.

Renaming Topics to add tags

You can rename Topics by editing the FIRST post of the topic and changing the topic name there OR from the Moderate Topic Option.

The 'Moderate Topic' button

Once you open a Topic and press the Moderate Topic button at the top, you will be provided with the options to Merge 2 topics into 1, Move the Topic into another section or rename the topic.

  • If you only need to rename the topic, just change the topic name in New Subject and don't touch the other 2 options.
  • If you want to move the topic to a different section, just change the target Category, don't change anything else and click proceed
  • If you want to merge any 2 topics, Go to the one of the topics, preferably the older one, and select the category to merge to, select the newer topic to merge into and click submit. The reason u need to got to the older topic is that, when you try to select the topic to merge into ,the list will only show the recent topics and the old topic may not be in the list. But if u go the older topic, then the newer topic will be in the list, you can select that and merge into it.

The 'Moderate' button on a particular message

Once you click on the Moderate button on any post,

  • You can move that post from one topic to another topic by selecting section and topic.
  • You can make a new topic for that post alone. This is useful when some one posts for point transfer or Ban dispute in other people's topics.You can make a new topic for their post.
  • You can also use the Moderate this user option.

When using Moderate Topic or Moderate 'DO NOT' tick mark the leave shadow Topic option. The set subject option will change the subject of the topic you are merging 'into' to the name of the topic you are merging 'with'.

Moderating a user

You can bring up the Moderate this user link by clicking Moderate button on any of the targetted user's forum posts. You can use this option to Increase/Decrease/Reset user's karma, ban a user from website/forums and check the user's details.


You will not be able to restore deleted posts. You need to contact one of the Website admins( Nomail/ Rahul Pandey/ fido/ Shade/ Devil/ Demon)to restore the message.