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We in most cases,ban any player from our servers who is caught violating Davaj Code Of Conduct.As our server administrators too are human beings,it is possible that they may have made an error in judgement in your case.If you feel that you have been falsely accused,post a ban dispute on our Forum under "Server Ban Dispute" Category.

Format To Dispute Your Ban

Your ban dispute must be in the following format.

In-game name :
Steam Id :
IP address:
Date of Ban:
Ban Page Link:
Admin who banned you :
Server in which you are banned :
POV Link:
Your side of story:

How to upload POV

Your game will be recorded when you start playing in our server and autosaved were you have installed Counter Strike in your PC

  • Open cstrike folder for 1.6 amd czero folder for CZ
  • You willll find davajpubcsdemo.dem/davajpubczdemo.dem
  • Upload that file to Dropbox Click Here or Mediafire Click Here.
  • Paste download link in your dispute.

You can obtain all of the above details from the "Ban page link".To obtain your ban page link :

  1. Search your ban details from the ban list.Click Here to open search page.
  2. After finding the right ban from the search results,Click on the "Show details" icon in front of the "Ban Details" line.
  3. This will open another page which will contain all the necessary details required for the ban dispute.Your Ban page link would be on the bottom of this page in front of the "Trackback" line.
  4. Make sure you acquire a steam id before posting for a dispute on the forum. You can get a steam id by downloading the client from the Downloads tab on the website. Your dispute will not be considered otherwise.

Kindly note that your ban dispute won't be considered if :

  • It is not in the format mentioned above.
  • It is more than 1 week old
  • It contains any kind of abusive words.

Rules for STEAM_LAN players

  • The players who have steam_lan id do not have right to dispute their ban in case of ip clashes until and unless they download client or come with an unique steam id. So before posting your ban dispute download the davaj client from download section of the website.

Ban Reasons

Now we discuss the different possible ban reasons.

  • Cheating : In this case,the administrator who banned you will have three days(starting from the day you post the ban dispute) to provide your Demo in your ban dispute thread as a proof of your cheating activity.The Head Administrators of Davaj would then watch the demo and if they find you innocent,you will be unbanned right away.Else if they find you guilty,you will remain banned.Also,if the concerned administrator fails to post a proof of your cheating activity within three days,you will be unbanned automatically.
  • Ban Evasion : If a player has been previously banned on Davaj servers and without clearing his previous ban,he returns to the servers,he is banned under the category 'Ban Evasion'.In this case you are advised to either Download Davaj Game Client or Purchase the genuine game after posting the ban dispute on Davaj Forum.
  • Admin/Server Abuse : You are banned under this category if you are found using foul language against the server or any of its administrators.We have a Special Unban Policy for this category.
  • Advertising : You are banned under this category if you advertise any other server or community on any of our servers.In this case you have to follow the same policy as admin abuse.