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We run a well-maintained and well-designed Forum for our members.You can join our community by registering on our Website.Registration is free and simple.After registering on our website,you are requested to also do the following :

Davaj Gaming Clan

Davaj Clan operates in the below mentioned games :

  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Counter Strike : Condition Zero

Any user interested in joining our clan is required to register on our website.After registration is over,he/she will be allowed to wear our clan tag along with the In-game name.The complete in-game name of the player would then be of the form <In-Game Name> #|DAVAJ| where "#|DAVAJ|" part indicates that the player is a member of davaj clan.

As a member of Davaj clan you are also requested to join Davaj group on Gametracker Click Here
Steamers are also requested to join our steam community Click Here

Note : Only members with Static Steam ID are allowed to join Davaj clan.For acquiring a static Steam ID,you need to either Buy the genuine game or Download Davaj client

Free Server Points

All new members of davaj website are granted 1000 free game points on our servers. In order to claim these points,a user only requires to create a new introductory topic under the category "Newbie Academy" on our forum which must be in the below mentioned format.

In-Game Name :
Steam ID :
Server you Play on : 
Link to your stats page :
About yourself :