Guidelines For Website Moderators

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  • If someone posts for point transfer or Ban Dispute and its not in proper format, edit the message to proper format and move it to proper section. (Optional) Leave them a message saying what they did wrong and correct way to do it.
  • If someone posts in other's ban dispute /point transfer, make them a new topic of their post. (Optional) Leave them a message saying that you moved it here and explain the correct way to do it.
  • If topics are not in their correct sections move them.
  • Lock any finished ban disputes and point transfers and add the appropriate tag to their topic names.
  • Remove any abusive posts.
  • If someone posts multiple topics for the same issue, Merge them. This will not only make them into one topic, It will also automatically bump the old topic. Leave them a message that you merged the topics and direct them to not make new topics.
  • If someone is spamming , first time warn them, if they continue, delete all their spam posts.
  • Lock the old topics on which no one posted for a week. You can lock immediately, if there is nothing else to discuss eg :- someone posts a tech problem and it has been solved. Don't add tags in names for normal topics. Just lock them and leave them. Tags are only meant for ban disputes and points transfer and admin applications.
  • If someone bumps a old topic older than a month, delete their post, and lock it. This will undo the bump also and push it back in the recent topics list. If they repeat this for many old topics, delete all their posts, lock topics and leave message on the newest topic they posted on to not spam.
  • You should only TAG for Ban disputes,Point Trasnfers and admins applications. DoNOT tag any other sections The tags being [RESOLVED] for Ban disputes, [DONE] for Point Transfers AND [ACCEPTED] or {REJECTED] or [ON-HOLD] for admin applications.