Guidelines For Server Administrators

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  • Keep the servers clean of hackers.
  • Try to acquire a convincing proof before banning a player. In the case of hacking,this would be a demo.For server/administrator abuse,this could be a screenshot of the player's abusive comment.
  • Maintain a cordial environment, don't just show off.
  • Avoid Slapping /slaying the campers without warning in white chat.
  • If a Regular/senior player is AFK for more than 3 rounds,transfer the player to spectator mode and wait for 2 more rounds.
  • If a normal player is AFK for 3 rounds,transfer him to spectator mode if the server is not full else kick him.
  • Avoid white chats unless its really necessary.
  • Don't play to rake up points.Always guide the weaker team
  • Since we have 3 public servers,make sure that at least one administrator is present in each server at any point of time.
  • Don't crowd in one server and leave another one without an administrator.
  • Give valid non abusive reason for your BAN and respond to the disputes of your BAN on time.
  • Don't destroy/kick or ban STEAM_LAN players without proof or demo in server.
  • Start the day with the "de_dust2_cz".
  • Wait till the server gets full and then ask for a vote and change timelimit to 45. No maps should be changed without vote.
  • Stick to de_dust2_cz late nights (after 12 am) & set the timelimit to 200
  • After 200 Mins change again to de_dust2_cz.
  • The server should not be left with "0" timelimit. Else the server will crash and the admin will be penalized.
  • Don't allow the same map to be played on the server for more than 3 hrs
  • If a well known senior player is spec bug let him to play, else ask the player to restart his modem. Make him understand don't kick straightaway without warning.
  • If the senior spec bug player is suspected for hack you can still kick him.
  • After 12 leave the spec bug player to play unless he is suspected for hack.
  • Don't ban steamers unless he is an obvious hacker. If he is suspicious, record his demo & post in DAVAJ Managers Group
  • When you are about to leave the server, make sure that you revoke the changes u made.(mostly about the timelimit)
  • With the new rule only players with Steam ID can wear our clan Tag. And he should a registered member in all our online communities.
  • Promote players to join the online communities.
  • Try to answer all sensible questions asked by the players.If the problem can not be solved right away,guide the player to go Forum and post their problem,so they get a perfect solution.
  • Try to bring more players and keep the server full all time.
  • Remember your job is to Keep the server clean of hackers and let the community grow. Don't scare players away
  • No fee concession will be given for uninformed absence.

P.S: As administrators, you are answerable for your actions. Think twice before you post an administrator application because you can't enjoy the same freedom you had as a player after becoming an administrator.