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These are the support questions we are frequently asked by our users.

Why does my rank on the servers keep resetting ?

Rank and Points are assigned to Steam IDs.If you do not own a genuine copy of the game,you won't have a permanent Stead ID. To solve this problem,either Buy a genuine copy of the game or Download Davaj game client For Free

My Game menu has disappeared.Why ?

This issue is caused when you connect to certain servers which alter your local configuration files.Avoid connecting to such servers.
To fix this problem,Download THIS FILE for Counter Strike 1.6 and Download THIS FILE for Counter Strike:Condition Zero and run these files.

I Got Banned Before Joining and the name given in ban details isn't my name. How To get Unbanned ?

This is because Indian Isp's mostly provide A Dynamic Ip Address to their users which changes each time you Restart Your Modem.So sometimes,your IP address clashes with the IP address of a previously banned player.The solution to this problem is to simply restart your Modem And rejoin The Server.

I Got Kicked From The Server. Why ?

There are many reasons due to which an administrator kicks a player from the server.Some common reasons are :

  1. You are a spectator bug
  2. You are AFK for a long time
  3. You are abusing some player for a long time
  4. You constantly irritate any of the administrators for senseless reasons and do not stop even after warnings.

Admins Are Telling Me That I Am Spec Bug.What Is It ?

Spectator bug is a bug in the game which makes the players and administrators to be unable to spectate you.The most common sign which shows that you have spectator bug is that you are not able to see chat when you are dead or alive.The solution for removing spectator bug is to simply restart your modem and/or your PC.If you don't leave the server after 3 warnings,the administrators have full right to KICK YOU FROM THE SERVER.