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Do not defame other clans or organizations in any way. Keep a good reputation for the Davaj Gaming. In compliance with the Davaj Gaming Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy, fighting, foul language, non-prescription drugs, alcoholic beverages, and smoking/chewing tobacco are forbidden.All rules are applicable to any event/activities that Davaj Gaming is involved with. Students will use their best judgment in avoiding actions that in any way degrade the reputation of Davaj Gaming.

ABSOLUTELY NO CHEATING IS ALLOWED ON OUR SERVERS – CHEATERS WILL BE PROSECUTED AND BANNED! All Davaj Gaming players are required to wear a tag saying <Name>#|DAVAJ| (i.e. Rahul #|DAVAJ|) Head Admins and admin positions are predetermined. If we find it necessary, we will add more admins to the force. Do not complain and cause trouble on our server(s). Attempts to destroy or Davaj Gaming servers will result in harsh punishments. Derogatory language and slander involving race, gender, sexual preference, religion or creed, including negative use of otherwise harmless words such "gay" or "jew", is not tolerated on any Davaj Gaming server. This policy is enforced across the board. If a bigot feels the need to express his views on our server, they are creating a hostile environment for our other players. This can be such a serious issue that a warning is not always necessary. We do not feel the need to provide free servers to hate-mongers. On a couple of Davaj Gaming servers, we will eliminate swearing. Other servers will allow mild swearing, but keep in mind that racist or sexist comments will get you banned. A little healthy trash-talk is fine and appropriate to gaming, just as it is to almost any other sporting event. However, prolonged and unsolicited harassment may be grounds for removal. No player on a HomeLAN server should have to feel unfairly targeted or attacked. In the event that a player feels the need to continually harass another gamer, they will be requested to cease immediately. If they continue, they may be removed. Players that deliberately hinder their team (such as by flashbanging their own teammates, stacking detpacks to block doorways, shooting friendly players off of stations, and so on) may be removed without warning. For milder transgressions, a warning is, of course, appropriate. However, a player that is intentionally (and sadistically) disabling their own team goes against the idea of the 'serious gamer', and is therefore not welcome on our servers.