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We enforce some rules and regulations on our forum,servers and any events/activities that we are involved in so as to provide a clean,fair and pleasant environment to our users.

General Rules

Do not defame other clans or organizations in any way.Try to maintain a friendly environment.

Derogatory language and slander involving race, gender, sexual preference, religion or creed, including negative use of otherwise harmless words such "gay" or "jew", is strictly prohibited and will be met with severe actions and can lead to direct ban without prior warning.

Server Rules

  • We have absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE to cheating on our servers.Any user found cheating on any of our servers will be permanently banned from all our servers.
  • You shall not give any kind of disrespectful or abusive comments against the Community or any of the Server Administrators.Doing so will result is a direct ban from the server.
  • All Davaj Clan members must have a Unique STEAM ID (STEAM X:XXXXXXX)
  • All Davaj clan members are required to register on forums and to join davaj clan on gametracker.
  • All Davaj clan members are required to wear a tag of the form <Name> #|DAVAJ| (e.g. Rahul #|DAVAJ|)
  • Do not complain or ask for technical help on our servers.We have a well developed website for that purpose.
  • Maintain a friendly environment for your fellow-players.A little healthy trash-talk is fine and appropriate to gaming, just as it is to almost any other sporting event. However, prolonged and unsolicited harassment may be grounds for removal. No player on Davaj server should have to feel unfairly targeted or attacked. In the event that a player feels the need to continually harass another gamer, they will be requested to cease immediately. If they continue, they may be removed.

Forum Rules

Along with all the above rules and regulations all DAVAJ players and members are also required to follow the below mentioned rules while posting in the Forums


  • Post your thread in the correct section of the forum. You can look at the purpose of each section of the forum below.
  • Post your thread legibly in a correct manner.
  • Always be polite and welcome new members of the forum. Try to lead them in the right direction.
  • Spend as much time as you can in the forum and stay available in the chat.


  • DoNOT spam and/or advertise on the forums. Any such thread will be deleted and the appropriate action will be taken against you.
  • DoNOT post in Server Admin Application threads unless you are applying for adminiship. Only the applicant himself and the current Game Server Admins can post in this section. This section is out of reach for everyone else.Also please check that you have full filled all the requirements as stated in the Server Administrator Application page before posting.
  • DoNOT post in Server Ban Dispute section unless you are the candidate that is disputing his ban. Only the admins and the person disputing his ban are allowed to post here.
  • DoNOT hijack threads of existing ban disputes.If you have ban dispute then post a new thread.
  • DoNOT use abusive language on the forum. A little friendly trash-talk may be tolerated but if it is a serious abuse, action will be taken.
  • DoNOT try to abuse the DAVAJ clan or any of it's admins. Any such action will lead to a permanent ban from both the forum and the servers.

Forum Sections/Categories

Section Description
Newbie Academy This is where you can introduce yourself. All new members are encouraged to make their introduction here.
Cafe This is the place for all your everyday talk. You can have General Discussions of any topic of your interest here. If you are not sure of the right section for your post, you can always post it here.
Entertainment Did you like movie? Do you have a Anime to recommend? Did you just fall in love with a song. Post it here.
CLAN Recruitment If you would like to recruit DAVAJ members for a LAN festival/tournament or a clan match, then you can make your post here.
Gallery If you would like to share pictures or videos with the members, you can post here.
Politics If you want to make a political statement or just brag about how lazy your politician is, this is the place to post. All political discussions can be posted here.
Technology Crazy about new technologies ?? Share you finding here or have a look to catch up.
Game Support If you have any troubles with installing/playing Condition Zero Game you can ask here for assistance.
Game Downloads Post you latest finding here or look for the latest games to download. DAVAJ doesnot host and is not responsible for any content provided here.
Sports Crazy about any sports ?? Come on lets talk.
Trashed Posts Post in right section or else it will end up here.
Announcements Listen to the latest news and trivia.
Report a Hacker Report a hacker with demo and steam id. The format for posting can be found in the Report a Hacker section.

Sections Restricted for ordinary Users

Section Description
Server Admin Application If you wish to join the Elite force of Davaj administrators you can post here after fulfilling the basic requirements as described in the Server Administrator Application section. Only the applicant himself, current server admins and senior members of Davaj clan are allowed to post here.
Server Ban Dispute Do you think your ban is by mistake? lets hear from you. Only the person disputing his ban, server administrators and senior members of Davaj clan are allowed to post here.