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Clint Barton created a new topic ' Best quality picture when it comes to movie theaters?' in the forum. 2 months ago


I have one more movie left to see this summer that I am actually looking forward to.Guardians of the Galaxy. I want to see it in the best theater possible in the general Los Angeles area. The problem is that I don't know what that is.I usually go to the cinemark theater near the 405 (formerly rave cinemas, formerly the bridge cinema deluxe). They used to have one of only 2 70mm imax screens in the area but they have since transitioned that screen room to cinemarks extreme XD. The picture on that screen is quite good, but it is usually reserved for 3d features.That last is the problem. The biggest and best screens seem to ALWAYS be showing a 3d version of the film. So I come to you all, people with far more collective knowledge than myself.Where can I see the best version of the movie (best picture/sound) without 3d. I will travel anywhere in the area, and pay any price.

Please help.

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