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[C]huckyyy :) replied to the topic 'Complaint/Suggestion' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

For that I apologize. But server really needs some admins who can spend their time more on the server :(.


[C]huckyyy :) thanked Aakash in topic Complaint/Suggestion 2 weeks ago
[C]huckyyy :) created a new topic ' Complaint/Suggestion' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

First of all, My IGN is [C]huckyyy :).

Since few days I am noticing many many hackers on the server.

Some of them even changes their IGN to other player's IGN (Who are well reputed). This thing really downgrades someone's repo. Infact he used my IGN today and later I got many abusive conversations with other players. He even today used Ommala Saavuda's IGN to play.

I reported this incident to NIGHT BILLA just 10 minutes ago. He replied positively and said Ok, Let me spec him. But after few minutes he also went offline. I am not blaming him but Davaj server really needs admins who can contribute their more time to the server.


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