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~GANESH~ AKA~$KY07~ thanked Bhaskar Srivastava in topic Wallpapers 17 hours 37 minutes ago
~GANESH~ AKA~$KY07~ created a new topic ' DAVAJ CLIENT 3.1 ISSUE' in the forum. 2 days ago

sorry for the trouble but since servers are up and and so as stats ....
but i am not getting a stable id every time i join i get new id ...
i am using davaj 3.1 had used 3 also same problem

i am getting error when i start game added pic
although i am not fan of collecting points but like to analyse my info kpd etc etc so just asking help

:) have great time :)


~GANESH~ AKA~$KY07~ replied to the topic 'Regarding random selection' in the forum. 2 days ago

agree with oont
there is no scene in making weak team/one side war but if captain taking to much time for selection also frustrate player which is not selected i can suggest put time limit to chose player like 10 sec to 1 player well that's my suggestion/point but captions can do it faster ......


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