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Format to dispute your ban

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6 years 7 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #34 by Demon
The ban dispute should contain the following parameters.

In game name :
Steam Id :
Ip address:
Date of Ban:
Ban Page Link:
Admin who banned you :
Server in which you are banned :
Your side of story:

You can obtain all of the above details from the " Ban page link ".To obtain your ban page link :
# Search your ban details from the ban list .
# After finding the right ban from the search results, Click on the "Show details" icon in front of the "Ban Details" line.
# This will open another page which will contain all the necessary details required for the ban dispute.Your Ban page link would be on the bottom of this page in front of the "Trackback" line.
# Make sure you acquire a steam id before posting for a dispute on the forum. You can get a steam id by downloading the client from the Downloads tab on the website. Your dispute will not be considered otherwise.

Your ban dispute will not be considered
* If your ban is more than 1 week old.
* If your ban dispute contains any kind of abusive words.
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