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5 months 6 days ago #59927 by danny001002
Ban was created by danny001002
I'm Coke #47City
I talk to aadmin who ban me said you got vac in previous a/c so head told him to ban me.

Yes I got Vac in my CSGO account not in cz cs1.6.
Becoz I m not pro Hacker.(a noob in that )is
I just try it for 1day CsGo,got ban in few hours . Actually I go for that skin changer and skin duplicator which also include hack in it..(I m interest in that skin changer to get high price skin ,u can check my Inventory 80+ skin I have,I trading skin with money ) that why I did that. I can share that file with Head in private for proof.Im Nova gold 2 in csgo with my skills..

So I got caught in vac scan ...
Rest on you.

AMXBans] ===============================================
[AMXBans] You have been banned from this Server by Admin NIGHT<+>BILLA #|G.^o^.D|.
[AMXBans] You are permanently banned.
[AMXBans] Banned Nickname : Kn!f3 peL DunGa
[AMXBans] Reason : ' VAC BAN '
[AMXBans] You can complain about your ban @ www.davaj.in
[AMXBans] Your SteamID : ' STEAM_0 : 0 : 420645231 '
[AMXBans] Your IP : ' '
[AMXBans] ===============================================
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5 months 6 days ago - 5 months 6 days ago #59932 by 2bz4u
Replied by 2bz4u on topic Ban
I hack on contra but play mario clean.
Such excuses wont work here,we are the davajians dont allow players who have hacking mentality.Because if some1 is trying to hack that means he can try anything(hack) to get advantage on any game.

You applied for adminship n hacking games at the same time.
A good opportunity to become admin is destroyed by your own hands.

Vac ban is like a curse mark,you cant remove it with excuses or regrets.

You will be keep banned on davaj.
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5 months 6 days ago #59933 by god of war
Replied by god of war on topic Ban
No excuses of such kind COKE .....There are other steamers with such or other similar such excuses .....If we allow every hillbilly with one or other such excuses then whats the point of banning in the first place .......it's not about if you made a mistake or someone did something with your account or you trying something new with your game or whatever else the reasons VAC banned players give for their initial ban .....It's about their mentality to do something like this in the first place .....play fair and their will be no issue ......You see the thing is administratorship requires you to have a WILL to play fair and make others play fair too (i.e. without any mods or enhancers or cheats or hacks of whatsoever kind)...... If you lack that initially it will affect the basic concept of adminship..... that is why we rejected your app .......and heads banned you ......Our sever has never allowed anyone who tries to outsmart us by trying to poach our server by doing something like such kind ....may it be steamer or non steamer....... may it be an admin or any other davajian himself or any other player..... I hope you understand.

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5 months 6 days ago #59934 by danny001002
Replied by danny001002 on topic Ban
I understand and no problem from my side... :) :D
Enjoy Everyone
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