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TOPIC: Admin incompetence

Admin incompetence 2 months 6 days ago #59938

  • hemang_27
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  • Jawan
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This is damn hilarious that a playing admin HH # Davaj was on sv playing and wen 8 players reported to him that a hacker called India is hacking ...he just allowed him playing and kept on saying that he will take care of him ...I have a demo of that . That guy is still playing n crashing the sv with his hacks .... wen will u guys seriously accept ur faults that u guys fail as a group in totality in maintaing server and keeping hackers off ..

You guys decide among urself n wen a new guy is being adjourned admin u vote or vouch for him .....n one of ur own HH davaj showed a miserable poor admin power n failed to safeguard the sv while allowing a hacker ..

Zingur Python 2bz4u n ommi request to u guys plz look into the matter it’s high time u do something about this recurring situation.... since Saturday that hacker is playing
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Admin incompetence 2 months 5 days ago #59939

  • Aakash
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  • Havildar
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I spec INDIA [VALVE_0:4:1219988070] for about 3 rounds and result is clean on that time.
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Admin incompetence 2 months 5 days ago #59940

  • Head Hunter
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  • Lieutenant
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I accept my fault what I should do is whenever I join the server and get a report from somebody I ban him directly without checking if a player is really a hacker or not... Just getting a name is enough for ban... I don't care if he is innocent or guilty... That might satisfy you? If I think I should take solid proof before banning then I m totally wrong I should leave adminship...
U told me that INDIA is hacking and crashing server... I said I vil take care of him... Does that mean I m allowing him to play? No I vil not... I m just getting a solid proof of his walling to ban him... I can't just rely on mere words that "INDIA is walling". What if he raise a ban dispute against me? Do you provide proof against him. Even if u do and that's not conclusive enough then who vil b responsible for the suffering of the innocent? That vil put a big black spot on the name of admin for banning innocent players just coz someone thinks he is hacking. So for next time if u r reporting an admin and he is saying that he vil take care of the hacker then he vil. Here v r not trying to ignore the hackers... V r here to keep our server clean and protect him for hackers...
In this case I haven't banned him coz I didn't got enough proof against him to keep him banned... If you have his demo then share it here on forums if that's conclusive enough... I vil ban him on sight...
That's all I have to say...
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Admin incompetence 2 months 5 days ago #59942

  • M@Y@NK M@GG3R
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  • Havildar
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Truly well said Bhaskar..Hemang thats the procedure an admin follows on our server...rest others we don't know n does'nt care also..its good ur reporting a hacker to admin..If admin said he will take care means he will..and if u think any particular player u find as hacker..either u report to admin if he is there or else take a demo of him n post it here & admins will do the rest.
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Admin incompetence 2 months 4 days ago #59945

  • 2bz4u
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  • Havildar
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Very well responded HH,look hemang server admins cant ban any person just because another person thinks he is hacking..We have a procedure to ban hackers with proof to avoid unnecessary ban disputes.

He is a active admin n knows his duty very well.

Thx for reporting,if you have a solid proof then post here,we will ban him instanly.
Keep fragging. ;)
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