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Watch Dogs

Its been long time we reviewed any game, now since Vibhor Vaid is contributing his precious efforts to Davaj Gaming. So this review is about "WatchDogs" which is currently booming in gaming folks. This game revolves around Aiden Pearce and a friend of him who are hackers. We can say that this game is a more sophisticated version of GTA 5. The gameplay and the graphics of this game are really cool. The missions and objectives in the game are thoroughly thought and revised. This game is a seal deal a must buy for the ones who like GTA, Assassins Creed, etc. Although the system requirements of this game are quite high it has been a huge hit in the market. It's price is $60 and its out for Xbox 360,PS3,Xbox One and PC. It is a must buy for the gamers.

What do you thing about game ? you liked it ? Please comment below.

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