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Bye Bye Joister

Why Joister went offline for forever ?

As we all know Joister is permanently down. I see people are making their own "Conspiracy theories".
But what exactly happend ? Why suddenly Joister got permanently down ? Being the strongest player(We can say only reliable host), it went down?
I tried to figure it out. To understand what happend, we have to understand the Joister's business.
"Joister is a technology driven company. Here we crave for giving the ultimate in service.
Be it simple home based Internet solutions or a highly reliable, secure leased line connectivity."
Source www.Joister.net

Joister basically provides following services :-
- Broadband
- Hosting
- Joister TV
- Web portal
- Gaming

Now as we all know, gaming is a casual industry, which attracts basically the teenagers(yeah some times big kids like me also :) ).
But Joister's main revenue was through Broadband, Hosting, Joister TV and Web portal.
Some pathological kids were DDOSing Joister since years but as i said they were the biggest player, they were able to sustain with some downtimes or outage.
"DDOS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems -- which are usually infected with a Trojan -- are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack."
But later they started targetting Joister's corporate lines, which Joister can not compromise against Gaming.
Joister has played a significant role in Indian Gaming. We Davaj community salute joister for their hard work.
We hope you will be back with bang soon :)
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