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DAVAJ - Counter Strike Servers

We are back!!

Its been a while since we were completely functional.

We never faded away. We were always around, starting from well before every other Counter Strike : Condition Zero clan currently in existence. But something was always off, whether it was the website or the stats or the game server itself.

During our journey, we made many friends in several other communities and several enemies as well. Some of these perished communities mentioned below.

Today, we are back. Stronger than ever. We are no longer dependent on any hosting provider. All game servers run on our own infrastructure with full admin access. Even the website has been moved to a private server where we have full root access and the freedom to do whatever we want


Join the game - 

Counter Strike : Condition Zero Server sv.davaj.in:27015
Game statistics http://davaj.in/stats
Discussion Forum http://davaj.in/forum
Wiki / Help http://davaj.in/wiki
Game Server Bans Coming Soon


Respect to our peer communities which did not make it this far - 

  • Monsters Balls (MB)
  • Fruit
  • PGN

And many others who have been with us through the journey. The lesson you thought will be remembered forever.

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