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Are You A Lagger ?

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"LAG" a shameful word in On line Gaming. In India Counter Strike lovers still get introduced to this word when they play on-line. its frustrating to stuck when you are about to kill enemy or about to diffuse the bomb planted by Terros.
Today we are going to talk about the reason of lagging and basic precautions to get rid of it.
- Lagging Due to Internet flapping:
This is most common reason what Indian gamers face often, seriously our Internet Service Provider called as ISP are not Capable of providing a stable internet. There is a huge difference in between a high bandwidth internet like 10 MBPS, and a stable internet. A stable internet keeps transferring the data with constant speed, and as we know even 256 KBPS bandwidth is enough to play Counter Strike On-line. On other hand an ISP can give 10 MBPS with poor stability. You can check it by checking ping responses to any Ip like below screen shot where I am checking it with Google's Ip. If you are getting "Request Timed Out" frequently then you need to contact your ISP customer care.

- Host Issue (Currently Joister) :
This kind of issue can not be resolved by suer's end because all drama happens at server end. You do not have any control over it so leave it. You can email you issue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with following emails
You Name :
Place :
Internet Service Provider : example Airtel
Ping : as explained above
Tracert : open command prompt and type tracert the ip example tracert czero.davaj.in and let it complete till 30 hops

- Using applications which uses internet without your knowledge :
There are tons of applications which uses internet while you play on-line, and most of Bandwidth consumed by these applications which effects you data transfer in game, and which results the shame word "LAG". Exit these applciations while playing.


Following above steps may help you in diagnose the issues.

What do you think about this article ? Is it helpful ? Please comment below.

Last modified onTuesday, 26 August 2014 18:49

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