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We all know that that Davaj client generates the steam id so can players can be distinguished to distribute the stats.

However on some occasions players do not get Steam_id and they get “Valve Id” now this situation occurs in latest windows operating System Windows 7 and Windows 8.

I found a workaround to this situation is you need to go to install path of davaj client (generally "C:\Program Files\Davaj Client") and open Platform folder, then right click on steam.exe(yes steam.exe it is there and do not get confuse with original steam) and,  set compatibility to “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)” also you need to check “Run this Program as an administrator”. These steps will let steam.exe generate a unique steam id for you.


We recommend all user who do not have steam to use “Davaj Client” which is a better way to manage your online gaming in counter strike and counter strike: condition zero.

what do you think about this workaround ? Do you have a better solution ? Please comment below


Last modified onWednesday, 01 October 2014 20:16

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